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HSC master - The ultimate generator

Have it all.

Today’s diverse lens materials and different production environments demand a configurable generator capable of performing all processing needs. Addressing this challenge with industry-leading development and feedback from our valued customers resulted in the creation of the HSC Master – an unmatched combination of high-end technology and industrial strength. Whether excellent quality, high productivity, superior robustness or all three are required, the HSC Master will meet your needs. The surfacing motors utilize high-performance controllers enabling maximum communication speed and the highest resolution of data. What you get with our controllers is the most precise algorithmic translation of information to process any and all unique freeform and Rx lens designs! The motors are mounted on our proven inclined machine bed with vertical chip flow for easy swarf removal – perfect for polycarbonate processing.

Built for your lab.

Unique for an industrial generator, the fine turning process of the HSC Master can be equipped with one or two different motors. The option of a RS-Tec and/or an US-Tec motor gives you the freedom to determine the performance level according to your competitive requirements.

The powerful RS-Tec motor enables high single-run stock removals up to 10 mm. Especially for strong curvatures,  the RS-Tec can completely replace the milling step while keeping throughput up. The linear motor runs on high-precision guides and supports single-tool and twin-tool operation.

The alternative US-Tec motor can be used when ultimate surface quality is required. The previously unseen dynamics of the ultra-speed contour controller make this machine really fast and precise. Ultra-precise linear slides translate the motor motion into very accurate tool movement resulting in ultra-smooth surfaces.

The unique Real-time Performance Optimization feature analyses every new lens description and optimizes the cutting behavior on the fly. The technology offers more throughput, more quality, or a mixture of both.

By combining the high stock removal rate of the RS-Tec motor and the extreme precision of the US-Tec motor, your lab can tackle even sophisticated geometries and materials at highest throughput. Regardless of which motor configuration you decide on, the excellent quality of the generated lens surface will result in a short polishing time. A big time savings!

And the optional on-board Laser Marking Unit adds precise high-quality markings right in the generator resulting in value-added lenses.

Keep it running.

To make unmatched productivity work for you, the HSC Master has to keep on running – nonstop. We have designed the HSC master with this goal in mind!

The generated swarf is contained within the encapsulated milling chamber leading to controlled swarf channeling and a clean workspace.

The processing of each lens is monitored by the new Feed Control System which swiftly adapts to any workload changes. This technology minimizes machine breaks due to out-of-tolerance lens blanks.

 Also unique is the Power Safety System which reacts within microseconds in the case of unexpected power failures eliminating the risk of machine damage.

With our experience of hundreds of HSC generators, running in the field, all relevant components and tools have been arranged for easy tool servicing and access.

The unparalleled performance of the HSC Master makes this generator the only choice for ambitious Rx and freeform production labs. Built on the most advanced and broadest expertise of direct-surfacing generators, the HSC Master will remain the best news in surfacing for years to come.

  • Premium quality with previously unseen throughput
  • Best freeform surfaces
  • Supports adaptive tool polishing
  • Full surfacing capability for all lab configurations
  • Full flexibility for all curves and materials
  • Fast processing of PC and advanced materials
  • Easy swarf removal
  • Rugged industrial design
  • Low cost of ownership

technical data


lens diameter

 up to ø 92 mm

clamping system

 block ø 43 mm


CR39, Hi-index, Polycarbonate, Trivex®

curve range

concave 0 – 14(30) diopters convex 0 – 30 diopters


32-bit High Performance CNC-controller in double-processor technique

power requirement         

10 kW max.

air requirement

6 bar (90 psi) min.



machine with automation


1530 kg (3,373 lb.)

1680 kg (3,701 lb.)

dimensions (w x d x h)


machinewith automation


1160 x 2220 x 2050 mm (46 x 88 x 81 inches)

1532 x 2220 x 2050 mm (61 x 88 x 81 inches)