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HSE freestyle - All-in-one industrial edging

Great strength. Impressive flexibility.
The HSE Freestyle accepts the challenge of today’s finishing labs: Processing the complete range of frame styles in no time – and deliver a flawless first-fit rate.

The HSE Freestyle has been designed as a five-axis edger based on a solid industrial machine frame. This brings the flexibility and robustness to the production floor which are a must to operate today‘s high-volume and diversified finishing labs efficiently. Up to 16 on-board processing tools allow the HSE Freestyle to cover almost any edging requirement – specialties included. A conveyor feeds the machine automatically with new jobs which are swiftly picked up by the automatic handling.

Fast non-tactile measurement technologies verify tool position, lens sizing and accuracy during and after processing ensuring perfect results.

Cutting-edge technology.
The five axes of the HSE Freestyle allow virtually unrestricted lens finishing. Whether angled rimless drilling, V-beveling, T-grooving or polishing is needed – you have the machine to get it right.

A fast loading-unit handles two lenses at a time while the various tools are interchanged from the 16-slot tool carousel.

The high-frequency milling tools enable fast, low-torque cut out of the rough shape. After a proprietary shape mapping, the fine work, like bevels, grooves and holes, is done with precision – including front and back safety bevels. During processing, the lens is safely clamped in the dual-spindle drive. For delicate lenses such as super-hydrophobics, the chucking pressure and rotation speed are automatically adjusted to prevent slippage.

Fashion’s best friend.
Frame trends are undergoing fast changes and are often diverse. The HSE Freestyle is prepared to handle these variations within a single machine. The advanced shape editor allows to compose virtually any shape in fashion.

The kinematics enables processing of small B-sized shapes down to 17.5 mm. But the freedom of five axes also enables the processing of sight-correcting wraps with high base curves. For rimless work, multiple variably angled drills set fastening points for holes, slots, or notches. Polishing tools of various diameters and grades together with the wet diamond polishing process give the edges a brilliant finish the customer prefers.

Get it right the first time.
Crucial success factor of the finishing lab is the first-fit rate. Our superior accuracy standard is assured by an intelligent optical measurement system. Without touching the lens, the device measures thousands of edgeposition points per second with the precision of a few microns – no detail remains hidden. No less than three crucial functions are controlled with this high-tech tool:
The Auto Calibration of Tools automates and accelerates the setup of the machine.
Precise automated safety beveling – front and back – is assured through a detailed 3D – map of actual edge positions.
And, before the finished lens is returned to the tray, an optional verification of the shape vs. trace data is done – we call this On-board Quality Assurance. The result is less spoilage and minimized rejects.

Precise data in – precise lenses out.
The HSE Freestyle is designed to work with existing tracers on the market linked via the VCA/OMA protocol. However, you make full use of the HSE Freestyle when combined with High-Definition Tracers like the CT Image offered by SCHNEIDER. 

  • Industrial edging solution
  • High first-fit rate
  • High throughput
  • Precise lens mapping
  • Broad range of finishing options
  • Premium polished edges
  • Automated front and backside safety beveling
  • Automated handling and processing
  • Short setup time and ease of use with auto calibration

technical data


lens diameter

up to ø 85 mm

lens thickness 

up to 30 mm


CR39, Hi-index, Polycarbonate, Trivex®

minimum B-size
(with safety bevels)

rimless bevel: 17.5mm (21.5 mm)

V bevel:         18.5mm (22.4 mm)

blocking chucks

all common types

power requirement

19 kW max.

air requirement

5 bar (75 psi) min.


1475 kg (3,250 lb.)

dimensions (w x d x h)
machine with automation

1485 x 1596 x 1820 mm (59 x 63 x 72 inches)