Fascination for Innovation
Perfect Finishing

Perfect eye glasses are the result of a flawless combination of delicate processing steps. At SCHNEIDER, we have proven that modern CNC technology can take over and expand surfacing possibilities in an industrial environment. Freeform manufacturing has now become a new standard and is being introduced almost everywhere in the world of ophthalmics.

We at SCHNEIDER envision the future of eye-glass making where customers not only get an individually corrected freeform progressive, but the full freedom to combine optimal function with virtually any form of frame they like.

This goal has now provided new finishing solutions which have all the means to satisfy your customer’s expanding appetite for frame fashions.

Designed according to the same high industrial standards as SCHNEIDER’s surfacing solutions, the Schneider finishing solutions kick off a new area of high-tech industrial processing for standard Rx frames up to the latest complex styles.