EBC 400EBC 400EBC 400
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EBC 400 - Excellent thin film coating

As the most compact coating system provided by SCHNEIDER, the EBC 400 accommodates all requirements of a small Rx-lab. Reliable and proven components combined with modern process technology characterize the EBC 400. A compact system, with no compromise in quality and components, to produce highest quality products.

A powerful EBG system with a high number of pockets provides maximum process flexibility. Expanded ionsource power for argon and oxygen use and a water-cooled process chamber guarantee high process stability. With the new visAR process, the system transfers high-end coating into small Rx-labs weather on organic- or glasslenses. The modular design is upgradeable for higher productivity requirements.

  • Compact economical vacuum-coating system
  • Proven technology
  • High-end quality coatings
  • In-chamber hydro-/oleo-phobic coatings
  • Easy to use interface
  • Remote maintenance
  • Small footprint