DHC 60DHC 60DHC 60
Fascination for Innovation
DHC 60 - Automated dip-coating

The DHC 60 is SCHNEIDERs hardcoating system perfectly suited for medium production labs.

An automated mass transfer system guides the lenses through the multi-stage process.

Following a seven step US-cleaning process the lenses are coated in a thermal cure dip-coating process including a primer stage for polycarbonate lenses and two different
lacquer types for index matching.

The dip-coating tanks are moved with servo drives that enable speed profiling for optimized lacquer distribution across the lens.

The ideal recipes are selected via a touch screen depending on the lens material and type to achieve best results in quality and cosmetics.

  • 7 cleaning stages and activation process
  • Primer stage for PC and index matching
  • Two hardcoating tanks for index matching
  • (Semi-)automatic fill and level control on tanks
  • Sliding lid over all coating tanks
  • Integrated fire extinguishing system