USC 100USC 100USC 100
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USC 100 - Automated US-cleaning

The USC 100 is SCHNEIDER’s most compact automated ultrasonic cleaning solution.
Perfect surface conditions are essential for excellent coating results. With its multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning process the USC 100 delivers ideal preconditions for the subsequent coating process. Whether semi-finished lenses are prepared for spin-coating or hardcoated lenses are prepared for AR coating, it is done quick and easy. Equipped with an internal two step DI-water regeneration using resin and active carbon filters, the system guarantees consistent cleaning results over a long period of time. During cleaning and rinsing the carriers are oscillated to enhance the process quality.
With a throughput of approx. 100 lenses an hour the USC 100 is a great cleaning solution for small and mid-sized Rx-Labs.

  • Compact three stage cleaning process
  • IR-drying station
  • Filtration system for detergent
  • Automatic tap-water top-up
  • DI-water regeneration with conductivity control
  • Complete enclosure for work area
  • Easy to use touch screen interface