LCU 80LCU 80LCU 80
Fascination for Innovation
LCU 80 - Semi-automated cleaning, intelligently combined

The LCU 80 is the first semi-automated brush cleaning system, specially designed for small and midsize labs.
A powerful and efficient cleaning process removes contaminations like adhesive residues or fingerprints to prepare all different kinds of lenses for subsequent
coating processes.

Two cleaning and one drying station offer highly flexible process configurations for individual customer needs.
Depending on the lens material, process times can be adjusted per job. After positioning the lenses in the lens carrier the operator starts the cleaning process. A twoaxis handling system carries the lenses through the different process steps.

Like all members of the SCHNEIDER machine portfolio, the LCU 80 can be connected to the SCHNEIDER Control Center for a continuous process monitoring. Its small footprint combined with excellent cleaning results make the LCU 80 the perfect choice for small and midsize labs.

  • Manual loading
  • Two-axis handling system
  • Brush cleaning process
  • Semi-automated cleaning process
  • Brush cleaning capacity up to 80 lenses/hour
  • No pre-cleaning needed
  • Small footprint combined with high efficiency
  • Easy to operate
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Short ROI periods