Fascination for Innovation
March 06, 2013
What does SCHNEIDERs newest innovation have in common with sushi?


Is SCHNEIDER expanding its operations to the food industry? “I am sure we would come up with some nice solutions but this is not our intention”, Gunter Schneider, founder and CEO of SCHNEIDER said. SCHNEIDER raised the question to highlight the self-organizing machine philosophy of the first generation of cognitive machines in the market that is the Modulo Line.

The smart machines of the Modulo Line are designed to control the production independently  without any intervention of an operator. They decide on their own which job they are going to process next according to their individual presets, the capacity and the prevailing situation. If the decision is made in favor of the job the machine takes it from the tray and processes it fully automated. Just like a customer in a Sushi restaurant takes a dish from the conveyor belt considering his individual taste, the fact whether or not he is currently eating or not, and e.g. how much he already had.

SCHNEIDER presented the very latest additions to the Line, modules that – once intelligently interlinked – work together in a new integral philosophy to create a compact and smart processing platform with an unforeseen level of equipment utilization in lens production.

The new additions are the new high-performance blocker, CCU Modulo, featuring three blocking stations for exceptional throughput and in-line optical inspection unit, PMD Modulo, that controls the generated surfaces on-the-block, right after surfacing.

The Modulo Line’s easy expansion possibilities allow for the addition of new modules – like CCU and PMD Modulo – quick and simple in a plug-and-play manner, guaranteeing significant time savings.

Another highlight at MIDO was SCHNEIDER’s DSC Prolab System, the complete low cost system for small and mid-sized labs covering blocking, surfacing and coating! After complementing the all-in-one surfacing center, DSC Prolab, with a compact manual and alloy-free blocker, CB Connect, SCHNEIDER further extended its revolutionary system with their first AR coating solution, EBC 400.

The electron beam coater is built on solid expertise and offers high process stability, superior quality in antireflective, mirror, gradient and absorption coating and complements perfectly to the DSC Prolab. The machines work together seamlessly to meet any production requirement and produce superior lenses, providing customers with a complete high-quality solution at low cost.