Fascination for Innovation
March 04, 2014
SCHNEIDER’s Team Modulo scores high at MIDO 2014


Always fascinated for innovation the SCHNEIDER team presented a variety of new products at MIDO 2014. The major focus was on SCHNEIDER’s revolutionary Modulo Line- alias Team Modulo.

Modulo mirrors the transition from linked stand-alone machines to an intelligently interlinked and self-organizing production system.

Just like a football team is more than its individual players the Modulo machines reach another level of efficiency once combined and connected to the system. The smart arrangement and intelligent interlinking of the individual machines allow for a better balanced workload and therefore a boost in productivity and efficiency that ultimately leads to an unprecedented level of equipment utilization and a higher throughput. Team Modulo comprises the very best of the best: machines that are faster, more powerful and higher performing than any other machines in the market. The new stars of the Team are the high-performance generator HSC Modulo XT and high-speed double spindle edger HSE Modulo.

The HSC Modulo XT is the highest performing generator in the market and benefits strongly from SCHNEIDER’s extensive experience in the field of ultra-precision machining. It features the best practice technology and sets new standards in accuracy and speed for the best lenses in the shortest time.

With HSE Modulo SCHNEIDER premiered its brand new high-speed multi axis double spindle edger. The innovative new spindle configuration and unique uncoupled design with 4 axes moving freely at each workstation allow for truly independent simultaneous processing of the lenses. Consumable costs are reduced significantly with the SCHNEIDER blockless option.

Visitors had the chance to experience the complete Modulo system set up in its unique arrangement. Currently the Team comprises a blocker, stacker, two types of generators, a polisher, in-line quality inspection, laser and edger.

Besides Modulo, SCHNEIDER presented its mid-sized electron beam coater for high quality antireflective, mirror, gradient and absorption coatings – EBC 900, as well as the new automated solutions for deblocking and tape-stripping – DBA 2 and TSA 2 – and a variety of other machines for the small, mid-sized and big lab.