Fascination for Innovation
May 15, 2017
New Module: CCB Modulo


With the development of the alloy-free and high-performing thin film blocker,
CCB Modulo, SCHNEIDER shows its investment in green technologies. The groundbreaking
innovation meets the rising requests for an economical, sustainable and
environmentally friendly production. Parallel processing steps combined with an
intelligent block piece concept and highly accurate lens positioning ensure lowest
costs, good stability and high quality. Even high prisms can be processed with the
brand new, powerful Eco-Fuse Technology (EFT). The freedom to use any blank type
makes the CCB Modulo the perfect solution to satisfy all blocking requirements.
As an integral part of the Modulo concept, the CCB Modulo seamlessly fits into the
Modulo Line as well as any other industry-proven Rx and freeform installation.