Fascination for Innovation
February 22, 2014
SCHNEIDER unveils new solution for automated tape-stripping at SIOF 2014


At this year’s Shanghai International Optics Fair SCHNEIDER presented exciting new products to the ever expanding Asian customer base.

Besides its proven solutions for polishing and laser marking from the bestselling Sprint Line – CCP Swift and CCL C*mark – SCHNEIDER presented three modules of its revolutionary Modulo Line: Blocker CCU Modulo, generator HSC Modulo, and polisher CCP Modulo.

Always up for a surprise SCHNEIDER didn’t leave it at that. SCHNEIDER also introduced a fully automated solution for high volume tape-stripping, TSA 2, powered by Insomec. Offering a new level of automation and efficiency the machine takes the lenses out of the tray, centers them and transfers them to the working chamber where the tape is removed quickly and damage-free by water jets. Suitable for all plastic lenses the TSA 2 can be used in any lab environment and provides highest throughput and perfect yield.