Fascination for Innovation
April 02, 2014
SCHNEIDER introduces the new stars of Team Modulo at VEE 2014


At Vision Expo East in New York SCHNEIDER presented two new benchmarks in ophthalmics: High-performance generator HSC Modulo XT and high speed double spindle edger HSE Modulo.

SCHNEIDER transferred its recent experience and know-how in the field of ultra-precision machining to ophthalmic processing and created a one-of-a-kind generator with exceptional new features for higher quality and throughput: HSC Modulo XT.

The bundle of an exceptionally dynamic new motor philosophy, newly designed high frequency drive technology, new bearing systems, the fastest milling technology and a very rigid machine base are shaping this ultra-performer. The result is superior design replication at unmatched speed for generating even the most complex lenses in the shortest time.

The new edger HSE Modulo is the first high speed double spindle edger for fully independent edging of the left and the right lens - on-the-block or blockless.

The two separate multi-axis systems enable truly independent simultaneous processing of the lenses, no matter how diverse the job requirements. Working with exceptional speed, the HSE Modulo sets new standards in performance and throughput. The edger’s high rigidity and precise tool clamping allow for highest rpm processes. The intuitive and easy to use shape editor opens up a broad range of finishing options to process even the latest complex styles, specialties included. The result is virtually unrestricted lens finishing. Costs can be reduced significantly with the SCHNEIDER blockless edging option.

The two new modules come with an on-board global interface philosophy that allows connection to the Modulo system.

Modulo mirrors the transition from linked stand-alone machines to an intelligently interlinked and self-organizing production system – a fundamental paradigm change to the world of automated lens production introduced by SCHNEIDER in 2011. Offering an unprecedented level of equipment utilization and an unmatched throughput, Modulo sets new standards and opens up entirely new opportunities.

Once connected to the LMS Modulo and management cockpit, the machines work as an integral part of this one-of-a-kind system solution and are subject to the centralized monitoring and control center.