Fascination for Innovation
July 10, 2013
SCHNEIDER acquires optical equipment manufacturer Team Henrich & Krall


SCHNEIDER is pleased to announce the signing of an acquisition agreement whereby SCHNEIDER acquires the shares of the optical equipment manufacturer Team Henrich & Krall GmbH. This acquisition is an important strategic move for SCHNEIDER bearing a strong potential for growth and success in the future.

Team H&K was founded in 1992 by Dieter Henrich and Jürgen Krall and is a well-known manufacturer of optical equipment to the ophthalmic industry particularly in the European market. In the past years Team H&K has built up an impressive portfolio of highly acclaimed automated solutions for deblocking, cleaning and tinting. For SCHNEIDER the acquisition of Team H&K is an essential step, further expanding their product range as a full solution provider.

Each and every step in ophthalmic processing, beginning with order entry, followed by lab management system, surfacing, cleaning, as well as coating and edging can now be performed on SCHNEIDER equipment. Gunter Schneider, president and CEO of SCHNEIDER, is confident that the acquisition will further strengthen SCHNEIDER’s position in the market. “Customers today are looking for one responsible technology partner because of quality, cost and interfacing problems they encounter when combining different systems and equipment. With the acquisition of Team H&K we are now able to offer all the machines and software needed to build up a complete processing lab – ready to start production without costly adaptions.”

Internationally, SCHNEIDER employees will be trained in the coming months to extend first class service of the Team H&K products to the customers.

Although Team H&K is now a member of the SCHNEIDER group the overall structure remains the same and existing customers continue to be fully supported. Dieter Henrich and Jürgen Krall will remain CEOs of Team H&K and will continue conducting business taking advantage of the new opportunities.